PRIDE 2015

May all my fellow LGBTQ persons and allies enjoy celebrating Pride this year. We have seen a tremendous change over the years with human rights. Let us reflect on how far we have come as people in general. Most of us have wanted nothing more than equality for all and we made one huge step in our mighty country and it is FABULOUS. I will try not to bore you all with too many words. Take a second to go out and take a breath of  air, look around, and know we are making progress. We have all in our little ways contributed to this difference. Celebrate with those close to you and share the love.



Get Into The Groove

This thing we call life can get us real low sometimes.
I have discovered this thing inside of all of us.
Some refer to it as spirit.
To me spirit is the thing inside of us that wills us to push through.
Spirit is the thing that picks up the fallen victim.
Spirit mends the heart after a heartbreak.
Spirit allows us to see the light through any kind of darkness.
Spirit saves those who experience self overdose.
Spirit drives us to crawl out of what we term “rock bottom”.
Spirit allows us to live day to day.
Within ourselves we have this spirit waiting to glow.
Find the time to allow the spirit to thrive to dance to the music of life along side you.
Get into the groove.
Live, Laugh, Learn and Love.



I want to wipe away the tears of pain…

I want to heal the wounds of hate…

I want to actually “see” those around me…

I want to love just to love…

I want to live in the moment…

I want nothing in return…

                             – Foxxie